Ask Bob!

  • Can atttics or basements be used for bedrooms?

    Yes, and No :) Depending on your local ordinances you may have issues converting an attic or basement into a bedroom. The most important issues are the number of fire exits, % of light from windows and ceiling height. It is possible to obtain a variance from the local ordinance - but is best left to a professional that is familar with the civil process.
  • Do basement walls that leak need the entire foundation excavated?

    No, if the wall has moved less than an inch and proper drainage can be attained you may avoid complete excavation.
  • Can I use my own materials?

    Yes, you can. We allow you to purchase you own materials - we prefer to use the highest quality of materials. We would rather have it last than to redo a project due to material quality.
  • Are permits required for ( fill in the blank )?

    Yes, and No :) This depends on your local ordinance. All electrical needs a permit. Homeowners can do plumbing on single family, depending on municipality. It's best to error on the side of caution.
  • Do you work with foreclosed properties?

    Yes! We specialize in distressed property, REO's and Foreclosures. We understand the special environment and can create a successful conversion plan.
  • Can you really convert my vision into reality?

    We think so.... please see our pictures of past projects. All of these started as someones vision .... and we brought it to life!
  • Are estimates free?

    Yes - we love to talk about projects, even if you dont choose us :)